WIC Utility to Eliminate Error in Epson L351 + License Key and Steps

  • $10.00
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The error in the Epson L351 printers depends on which printer model you are using, the most complicated error to remove is the one related to your printing pads, you will read on the screen of your printer “some internal parts of the printer need to be replaced”, you will usually get this error message when you have printed about 5000 pages and your printer pads are filled with waste ink.

To continue printing you will have to eliminate this error first, using the WIC Reset Utility will allow you to resolve this error by renewing the printer pads and the ink level, this software will clean the printhead and the mak your printer operates as new.

Compatible with Windows and Mac, simple and fast to install you will have your printer working in 10 minutes if you follow correctly the instructions sent to your email at the time of the payment, you are only paying for the license key to reset the pads other options on the WIC are totally free (clean the printhead, check the ink level in the pads, know how many pages left to print before the next error).

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