Steps and Program WIC Utility to Reset Printer Epson EP-776A

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Epson EP-776A printers like any other printer from this manufacturer will send you the error message about the printer pads being filled when you have reached 5000 pages printed, you will be prevented from printing until you fix this error, you can contact the Epson support as recommended by the printer, but this will take your time and money.

However, you can fix this issue without having to take your printer to a technician by just purchasing our WIC program Utility and we will send you the license key and the steps to follow by email.

This program will reset the ink level in your printer pads and renew them at the same time, you will continue printing in 15 mins depending on your internet connexion. Our product is 100% customer satisfaction if you are not satisfied and you're not able to solve the printer pads issue with the WIC we will refund you.

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