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The WIC Reset Program for Epson PictureMate PM 215 + License Key

  • $10.00

When your Epson PictureMate PM 215 will suddenly stop working and the front lights are flashing red it is a sign of a fatal error occurring, this type of error usually indicating that the internal parts of the printer are at the end of their useful life and need to be reset or replaced to be able to continue using the printer.

The best option to eliminate this error is to reset the printing pad using a program called WIC Utility, this program will allow you to eliminate the error by resetting the printing pad as new, here you can purchase the license key that you will use to run this program and at the time of the payment we will send you the instructions plus the license by email.

If you have any question or need extra help please contact us by email and we will be happy to assist you.