Software WIC Utility for Reset for Epson EcoTank L375 Printer

  • $10.00
Tax included.

To reset the printer Epson EcoTank L375 Printer we just need a bit of patience and the WIC Reset Program, here you can purchase the license key that will allow you to precisely eliminate the error of the printing pads.

This printing pads error appears because you have reached the 5000 pages limit set by Epson to avoid an ink spill inside the printer, changing or resetting the pads will eliminate the error and permit you to continue printing.

We will send you an email with the instructions and the steps to follow at the time of the payment, you will only pay for the license key to reset the pads the WIC program itself is completely free and will allow you to clean the printhead, check the ink level in the pads and know how many pages left before the next maintenance is required.

If you have any question, please contact us by email and we will be happy to assist you or refund your money if the program did not for you.

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