Reset printer Epson C82 with WIC Utility error "Waste Ink Pad"

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When all the lights of the printer are blinking red and the screen on the printer shows the error message about the printing pads being completely full, it is time to reset the the printer’s memory.

This error appears because the printer pads have reached their ink level, the computer automatically send this error so you will be able to fix it before continue printing and avoid a consequent damage to your printer, with our Waste Ink Counter Reset you are going to solve this issue simple by clicking on the link in this page about your Epson C82 and we will send you a license key and the instruction to follow.

This program is really simple to download, you will not need to take your printer to an expert, just follow the steps and if you need more help we will assist it, our products are 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

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