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Reset Epson C76 Printer with WIC Utility

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The WIC Reset is a tool that allows us to eliminate the printing pads error, this error appears when you have reached or exceed 5000 pages print in your printer, so the system automatically send this error to prevent you from printing until you change the printer pad where the Waste Ink is stored.

To fix this error you will have two options or more, the first one is to to contact the Epson support recommended by the printern and the second one is to buy the WIC Reset which will reset your printer Pads to zero pages printed, and give you more options like cleaning the printer’s head and tell you how many pages left before the error.

Our WIC Reset is compatible with Windows and Mac and is really simple to install, downloading our WIC Reset will make you save time and money, we will send you an email with the license key and the step to follow after you make a payment, remember our Products are 100% customers satisfaction guaranteed.

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