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Remove Error "Full Pads" on Epson Stylus 1500 Printer with WIC Utility

  • $10.00

After printing more than 5000 pages on the Epson Stylus 1500 printer, you will received an error message displaying the printing pads are saturated.

To be able to continue printing these pads need to be replaced, the printing pads are located under the printhead and it is the place where waste ink is stored anytime we are printing a document, reaching a certain ink level these pads need to be changed to avoid further damage inside the printer.

When this error appears to eliminate a continued printing you can follow Epson recommendation by contacting the Epson manufacturer or just reset the printing pads yourself using a program called waste ink counter (WIC).

Here we sold the License Key that will allow you to run the WIC Program and reset the printing pads, again you will be able to clean the printhead, check the ink level and see how many pages have been printed for free, you will only pay for the license and we will send you an email with the instructions and the license at the time of the payment.