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Eliminate the Error of Pads in Epson L356 using WIC Utility

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If your printer flashes red lights and the error appears indicating that the printing pads are completely filled, you must eliminate this error before continue printing, the printing pads are sponges located under the printhead and are where the waste ink is stored, reaching about 5000 pages printed your Epson printer will preventing you from printing until you have changed these pads.

This error is to avoid further damage to the printer, filled printing pads can cause a spill inside your printer, to be able to continue printing you must solve this error, the fastest and cheapest way to eliminate this error is to use a WIC Reset Utility, this software will reset your printing pads as new, you can buy a one time use license key here to reset the pads, and continue using the WIC for free, this WIC will clean your printhead, you will be able to see the ink level in the pads, and see the number of pages left to print before the next error is coming. Please contact us by email if you have any questions and remember our products are 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

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