Delete “the error message” on Epson C63 using the WIC Reset Software

  • $10.00
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If you are one of those who use the printer more than usual, you will receive an error that indicates your printer has reached the end of the useful life because you have already printed more than 5000 pages, and something to take into account is that whenever we print paper, the printer produce a waste Ink which goes directly to what called printer pads.

Printer pad are sponges located under the printer’s head, Epson send the error message and block the printer to prevent a spill from happening. The only way you can continue printing is to reset your printer pads meaning to get rid of the waste ink before it spill.

Our WIC reset will do just fine to help you solve this issue without having to buy a new printer immediately, It is pretty simple to set up and work efficiently. Also, after making a payment we will send you an email with the instruction to follow and assist you if you need more help to run the software.

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