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Delete error "full pads" on Epson C79 using WIC Utility

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Epson printers have been proven to be one of the best printer in the market, to keep your printer in good conditions a maintenance as any other electronic products is required.

Epson manufacturer has created a line of printing with integrated Ink system, anytime you print a document a waste of ink is form and stored in the printing pads, reaching 5000 pages printed your printer will stop working and send you an error message about the end of the useful life, meaning your printing pads need to be changed or reset to continue printing.

You can contact Epson support as recommended by the screen and pay high price or just purchase a WIC Reset which will do the work just fine, our WIC Reset will renew your printing pads, clean your printer’s head and also let you know in advance when the next printing pads error message will appears.

It very easy to install you follow the steps that we will send you by email, you can also watch our youtube tutorial videos, also remember our products are 100% customers satisfaction guaranteed. If you are not able to reset your printer pads with our WIC we will make a full refund.

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